Is There a Super Mario for iPhone 7?

super-1138462_640Investors right now are betting on the new game named as the Super Mario Run, which is going to be a big hit for the Japanese company that is similar to the ever so popular Pokemon Go game, which is how what everyone thinks that will topple the game.

Nintendo made a surprise announcement regarding its famous game franchise, the Super Mario Bros saying that it would make its debut on the new iPhone variant of Apple. This has caused the shares of the company to jump up as high as 18 percent, before it fell down back a bit. This was in the hopes that the firm has, finally, embraced the concept of mobile games.


The sudden rise of shares are made by investors, betting that the new game, which is entitled the Super Mario Run, will become another big hit on mobile games for the Japanese company, which is how Pokemon Go has become these days. This is in the hopes that they are moving away from their usual console-based tactics and are now embracing the mobile gaming spree.

Like how most of the Super Mario games have been in the past, this particular game introduces the game app the mustachioed plumber into iPhone this coming December, which is the perfect time people are celebrating the holidays. This is following the years of anticipation that brings together the iconic characters of the Kyoto-based company with the mobile gaming concept. This is a perfect recipe for success.

The bar for creating such games was set really high when the game Pokemon Go was released last July, which is a franchise that is partly owned by the same Kyoto-based company. However, the effort in creating the game was mostly done by its partner, Niantic Inc. The title has sparked a worldwide hit, which was then downloaded for over 500 million times. The stock of Nintendo also doubled ever since March 2015, which was the time when the company committed into producing apps for the smartphone. Their market value made it close to $20 billion.

The analyst working at Iwai Cosmo Securities, Tomoaki Kawasaki, said that launching the widely-known character of Nintendo that has penetrated the iPhone app library is one of the top scenarios that most investors are hoping for.

Nintendo claimed that they are going to launch the game first in the App Store of Apple this coming December. The company based in Kyoto that has a market capitalization of $39 billion did not comment anything on when the game is going to be made available on Android-powered devices.

The shares of the company have risen to 13 percent, which is at their highest since July, thus adding around $4.5 billion to the market value of the company. This is following the announcement of the iPhone launch event of Apple.

All fans of Super Mario Bros franchise are now waiting in anticipation of what the game is going to be like when it is released into iPhone 7 this December.


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